JIAIDO is a movement meditation system

to bring the body and mind to balance and harmony.


Conscious movement and breathing are the base of the unique technique aiming personal- and Self-development.

Why is it good for me?

JIAIDO develops awareness and physical, mental, emotional balance in everyday life.
Practicing JIAIDO leads to the development of a large set of skills.


Branches of JIAIDO



It is an active movement practice, which develops physical strength, mental power and emotional balance for everyday life. The movement meditation is based on Chinese and Japanese martial arts.



A bodywork system working with conscious touch aiming the release of emotional and mental blocks stored in the body. It teaches how to connect and communicate from an open, intimate foundation with each other.



Creativity is our true nature; creative expression is an essential part of a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Are you creative in your daily life?

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