pairwork for consciuous communication
stress relief, deep relaxation and silent meditation
breathing exercises
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bodywork for emotional and mental block release
creative activity 
music, dance, painting...
What is JIAIDO?


A personal- and self-development method with a movement based approach for people of modern times. It is a meditation in motion, an active tool to develop consciousness on every level of our being.


JIAIDO is a self-help tool for everyone who wish to achieve well-being for body and soul and consummate the endless opportunities of human life. 

The method actively supports the development of a well-balanced, mature personality and also enriches the set of individual skills and abilities. 


Be it confidence or higher self-esteem, stress release, problem solving or life crisis management, JIAIDO guides you to a wholesome, joyful and meaningful life you and everyone deserve to live.  

By designing this method Ajiit, the founder and master of JIAIDO was inspired by Zen, Chinese and Japanese internal martial arts. Each technique combines three basic elements: movement, breathing and focus to develop consciousness and self-knowledge.

The term JI AI DO consists of three Japanese kanjis:

JI    –  our true nature, the Self

AI   –  to unify, to connect, to love beyond personal

DO –  the path, the way

„The path to love OneSelf.“


The name refers to a practical way to become able to see the real face of our ego / personality and by getting beyond we re-union with our real, innocent, honest, open and pure being we forgot and left in childhood.


By the practice we learn gradually how to keep the attention and give more and more space to our part which is nothing but stillness, peace, happiness and pure love.


This shift of the attention is necessary for content and harmonic life. Especially, if we think about how much energy, attention and blind trust has presented to our ego part already which is the source of  all our emotional and mental difficulties.

Only if body is healthy, soul is in harmony and mind is in stillness becomes one ready to manifest all the skills inside and make the best of the opportunities.

Fields of Development
JIAIDO works on all four levels of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - at the same time.
The effects of the method come to us through three gateways establishing a complex evolution for the practitioner: body awareness, emotion-management and open-mindedness.


To develop body awareness is the first and most fundamental step towards developing awareness of our whole being.

Our body position and our movements represent exactly what is going on inside us.

By correcting the physical element we actually start working on our invisible aspects like personality and mind which are so much more difficult to grasp otherwise.



Emotions seem to rule our daily lives.

We react, communicate and make decisions depending on how we feel at the given moment, whether we are happy or sad, angry, anxious or excited.

By getting consciuous about our emotions there is a chance to step out from the patterns of the past and have a new way to relate the situation.


Open mindedness is one of the most important qualities we need in our lives if we want to grow and develop ourselves.


To be open minded means to have a constant desire to learn, to develop, to receive new impulses. It means that we dare to discover consciously what is going on inside and outside of us and we dare to enter the unknown even despite of fear or hesitation.

  • Enhances energy and vigor

  • Strengthens muscle

  • Develops the sense of balance

  • Improves body coordination and flexibility

  • Advances body awareness

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Increases blood circulation, refreshes the brain

  • Deep breathing enhances oxygen supply to all the cells in the body

  • Develops self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Advances emotional stability

  • Awakes inner power


  • Brings patience and calmness towards ourselves and others

  • Creates wide and deepening capacity to give and receive love

  • Helps to create and maintain healthy and honest relations driven by trust, acceptance, tolerance, appreciation and love

  • Improves concentration

  • Advances the ability to solve complex problems

  • Helps to deal with stress

  • Improves self-discipline

  • Grows consciousness in daily life

  • Clears up the mind from the ongoing unproductive thoughts

  • Brings calmness and clarity

  • Develops attention, extends capacity to learn new things

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